Pshtaku Pshtaku (pshtaku) wrote in vgym_buddies,
Pshtaku Pshtaku

Climbing up the Ladder

***More for my notes than anything else***

Last time in the Golf Society outing to Brampton Heath , I scored 11 points, which was mainly 1 points (bogie) and I think a sole 2 point (par) across 18 holes.  Unsurprisingly, I got the wooden spoon.

This time, at Aylesbury Vale,  I scored 12 points, and have two birdies (3 points each), one par (2 points) and four bogies (1 point).  So, I think I have got better, even though I managed to score points on fewer holes - especially as one of the birdies was a Par 4.
I have discovered that I'm hitting my driver so far now that I am driving through the green on Par 3 (160yd), so I have to buy a new club - probably a wood of some description to cover the gap between Driver & 5-iron.

I also discovered that I was 2 points away from the next Wooden Spoon contender, so I  really do need to concentrate on my putting to try to get those extra points!

Next time, it's Wavendon Golf Centre I think I'll have a go on this course before the Society day to check it out.
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