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Running highs and woes

Well, I registered for the Loch Ness Marathon (by joining Scottish Athletics) and I'm trying to get into training. At the moment I'm trying to keep my half marathon fitness, up my weekly mileage and then start some hills or speedwork. I ran a 10-miler last weekend and felt pretty strong, but I'm having all sorts of feet problems. My insoles are completely worn out. I've had to stop wearing them altogether as I was getting all sorts of aches and pains. After my run last weekend I've had to take a break as I have pain in my right arch and ball of the foot that won't go away.

I'm desperately trying to get another podiatrist appointment. I phoned up a couple of weeks ago and was told it would be "about a month". Called back on Monday to chase it up as I hadn't heard anything, and they had no record of my previous call. All I could get was a vague promise that the person I spoke to would "leave a note" for the podiatrist. So still no appointment and I can't run at the moment.


* Try running in my old plastic 3/4 insoles and see if that helps (once my foot stops hurting - might take it for a spin tomorrow)
* Go private (costs a fortune)
* Buy some insoles off the internet (but no guarantee I'd get the right ones).

The problem is the last two options are both more expensive than necessary! I've found my NHS insoles on the internet for a fiver - but you can't buy the buggers without a prescription! Agh!

I just hope I'm not setting myself up for a case of planar fascitis...
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