anthrokeight (anthrokeight) wrote in vgym_buddies,

Operation Get Sexy By September

And reduce stress.

And save money on gasoline.

And extend the life of my elderly car.

It's about five miles on Southern Indiana Hills (not the Alps, not Chicago Prairie) from my front door to my department door in B-ton.  Lately, I have been trying to bike in and back, or go for at least a ten mile ride on the trail behind my house every day.  (yesterday, I did a 13 mile trip)

Let me tell you, that up-hill-both-ways ride to town has been kicking my ass.  Today, when it was warm out, I was wondering why, even more than yesterday, was this trip totally kicking my ass.  Am I that out of shape?  Well, I am not at my most fit right now for sure.  Then I went and looked at how much caloric effort it takes to bike on hills five miles in about 20 minutes.  And this is what I found.  I found I am riding, caloric expenditure-wise, with the effort it takes to run between 9-11 miles an hour*. 

That might explain some things.  I'd actually try and take it easier and be more leisurely, but I've found it's less comfortable and less "natural" feeling to bike uphill a speed that doesn't make me feel like I am running short on breath.  Like, everything about the whole process seems to think that bike is supposed to go about two gear levels above what my stamina would like to go.

So, okay, that's the rate we'll go at.  And I hope it gets less gasp-ey and "more wheeee, see me bike-ey" in the next week or two.

(Every year I try and become a person who runs, and every year, my shins and ankles, which could walk forever, threaten to secede from the union.  I hate that.  I want to be determined enough to be a runner.)
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